Global Ambassadors

Purpose: The Ambassador Program is envisioned as an informal way of engaging and leveraging ASSE global champions – volunteers with significant membership experience and professional expertise both in their local communities and globally. ASSE Ambassadors will help identify and further explore business and membership growth opportunities in markets outside of the US. They will also represent ASSE globally as needed.

Scope: Below is the proposed list of the global members who have proven records as successful and influential volunteer leaders within the global SH&E community. They have also demonstrated strong interest and involvement through the years in ASSE global programs, member outreach, chapter/section creation, partnership creation and generating business opportunities and leads.

While this list is limited to only five individuals, ASSE is also continually adding to the list of global subject matter experts, available in various markets to serve as a local resource and/or speaker as needed.

Membership Resources: There are five members that have been identified to help develop the ASSE Ambassador program.